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Due to the current Covid 19 pandemic, we have suspended our operations and sailing holidays in both the Saronic and Ionic Islands until further notice.

For those looking for some more exciting sailing, the islands closest to Athens offer the perfect sailing area. The Saronic Gulf, stretching from the famous Corinth Canal in the North down to the island of Spetses in the South, typically experiences stronger breezes throughout the summer months, meaning some brisk sailing legs on occasions. The islands are also spread further apart, so perfect for those looking for some longer sailing legs. Rugged and often stark hills and cliffs rise high above the sea, making for an incredible backdrop to the deep blue water bays.

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Sailing the Saronic Islands

The islands of Poros, Agena, Hydra and Spetses offer a variety of moorings, from quiet old fishing ports to impressive modern tourist spots. The local welcome from taverna owners is just as friendly as the rest of Greece, and we’ll show you the very best places to enjoy the excellent local cuisine and warm, friendly atmosphere.

How to get there?

Arrivals Athens - Alimos Marina

Athens International airport is a 30 minute taxi to Alimos marina, where you will start and finish your week with us. Your skipper will meet you at the marina and show you aboard your yacht. Local supermarkets offer plenty of choice for provisioning the yacht, and we’ll set off from the marina on Saturday afternoon for the islands in the Saronic Gulf, for a first night at a traditional Greek taverna.

How does it work?

Each sailing holiday with Eclipse Yachting is unique. With a drink in hand, you and your skipper will plan a charter itinerary based on what you’d like to do, as well as consider the forecast and the length of your holiday. Your skipper will of course recommend visiting some of the well-loved and renowned destinations.

On our one week trips we aim to travel as far as Spetses to show you the best islands of the area. Each day we’ll stop for lunch in a crystal blue water anchorage, and always try to get in and moored each evening in time for you to explore the village. Our base in Athens is Alimos Marina, around 30 minutes from Athens Airport. On Saturday afternoon we’ll set sail towards the island of Agena, to the pretty little fishing village of Perdika. A number of traditional Greek tavernas offer fresh fish on the grill along with local delicacies, and as the sun sets over a bottle of local wine you’ll be amazed how far away the hustle and bustle of Athens feels!

We’ll leave Perdika and head South around the island of Poros, and down towards Hydra. Its popularity far outweighs the number of yachts that can fit on the quay in the only harbour on the island, so mooring is a once in a lifetime experience. Once tied up for the night though, the small harbour town is a wonderful place to explore. Motorised transport is banned from the island, so donkeys and mules line up along the quayside waiting for their next job. A number of excellent restaurants are located above the rocks running west from the harbour, as well as a delightful cocktail bar positioned perfectly for the stunning sunsets. After Hydra, we’ll continue west to the island of Spetses, the most affluent of the Saronic Islands and a popular summer hang out for wealthy Athenians. The bay where we moor is a short walk around the promenade from the main town, and was once a busy working ship building port. Nowadays the only boats built are small fishing caïque's but the bay has a delightful atmosphere and is a great place to spend the early evening on board before heading into town.

From Spetses we’ll begin the trip north back to Athens, stopping in the lovely village of Ermioni and the busier town of Poros, where the famous ‘sleeping lady’ rock stands high above the town. Depending on the time of year, our last night stop in Epidavros could take in a trip to the old amphitheatre for a Shakespeare play, if the travelling theatre company are in town that week. Some of the greats have tread the boards (or concrete floor) at the incredibly well maintained ancient site, including Kevin Spacey in Richard III. After a night of culture its back to Athens, where we’ll disembark with plenty of time for a visit to the Acropolis.

Wind and Weather

The prevailing summer time wind is from the North, meaning great sailing as we zig zag between the islands. Whilst the months of May and October are milder, temperatures from June to September can reach well into the 30s.