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Croatia sailing holiday

The Dalmatian Islands are an incredible sailing ground with everything you could could possibly wish for from a sailing holiday. From secluded bays and the clear blue sea, to lively harbours and ancient towns. The islands are world renowned because they have so much to offer people who love sailing already or people or are new to the scene: gentle light breezes in the mornings, building up to exciting sailing breezes in the afternoons. There is a huge variety of overnight mooring options, including luxurious modern marinas, century-old town harbours, and idyllic and tranquil bays with crystal clear water.

Greece Ionian Islands

Greece Ionian Islands Yacht Holiday

Greece is one of the best cruising areas in the world. Stunning emerald water and rugged high islands provide the perfect back drop for sailing between the islands in the warm Mediterranean climate, and delightful village fishing harbours offer the perfect setting for an evening in a traditional Greek taverna. On the West coast of Greece, in the Ionian Islands, the typical summer winds start off gently each day, building as the afternoon progresses before dying off completely around sunset. This offers the perfect balance for swimming, relaxing and playing on the water toys over a long lunch stop, before enjoying a sail towards the next evening’s destination.

Greece Saronic Islands

Sailing holidays

For those looking for some more exciting sailing, the islands cosset to Athens offer the perfect sailing area. The Saronic Gulf, stretching from the famous Corinth Canal in the North down to the island of Spetses in the South, typically experiences stronger breezes throughout the summer months, meaning some brisk sailing legs on occasions. The islands are also spread further apart, so perfect for those looking for some longer daily sailing legs. Rugged and often stark hills and cliffs rise high above the sea, making for an incredible backdrop to the deep blue water bays.