Frequently asked questions

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Hopefully we've thought of everything, but if you have a question that we don't answer here please contact us through our contact form and we'll be able to help!

Before you book

How does a sailing holiday work?

A sailing holiday on Oceanica is like being in a beautiful and fully fitted-out apartment that moves from paradise to paradise.

One of the best things about a sailing holiday is that you can visit so many wonderful places and enjoy the journey, without having to pack and unpack each day. You can moor up in a different place every night, or decide to stay longer in somewhere that you particularly enjoy. Each of the Croatian harbours has its own attractions and, of course, its watering holes.

What is a skippered charter?

A skippered charter means that you go to the places that you want to go to, and you sail the boat as much or as little as you like, under the supervision of one of our skippers. The skipper relieves you of the responsibilities you would have if you chartered your own boat.

Skippered charters are for everyone. If you’re new to sailing, a skippered charter provides the perfect opportunity for you to learn from a seasoned sailor. If you’re an experienced sailor, you may want to do most of the sailing yourself and simply use your skipper as your own personal guide to the islands. The skipper is there to help and support you; you sail the way you want to sail. The skipper will only step in if the crew or the boat is in danger.

All our skippers have extensive knowledge of the Dalmatian coast. They consider themselves connoisseurs of Croatian food. They can definitely show you how and where to have a good time!

Your skipper lives on board Oceanica, but in a separate cabin with ensuite which is accessed from the bow (front). This ensures that you have complete privacy. It’s customary to provide food for your skipper during the week. This doesn’t mean wining and dining him or her, but making sure he or she is provided for.

What time can we come on board? What time do we disembark?

The standard time for coming on board Oceanica is 5 pm on the Saturday you arrive. If you let us know your arrival times, we will try to have her ready by the time you get there if that’s earlier. However, this isn’t always possible as we need the time between charters to check, maintain and clean Oceanica for you. If you are early, there’s a very nice restaurant/bar where you can relax and have a meal or a drink until Oceanica is ready for you.

You need to disembark at 9 am on the Saturday of your departure. This means either mooring in Kastela Marina on the Friday evening, or an early departure on the Saturday from a nearby port.

Flights, transfers and final cleaning?

Flights, and transfers to Kastela marina, are not included in the price. Our staff will be more than happy to advise you on flights and organise a smooth transfer to and from the airport. Transfer time from Split airport to the marina is about 15 minutes.

Do I need to get travel insurance?

Everyone on board must have suitable travel insurance.

Is fuel included? How much will Oceanica use?

Like a hire car, you only pay for the fuel you use. Oceanica will be dieseled up when you arrive and you need to return her full. Your skipper will organise this for you.

The amount of fuel you use will depend on how much you run the generator and the engine. At current Croatian prices (October 2013), you can expect a diesel bill of around 200 Euros for a one-week charter using both engine and generator.

How much are marina, town quay and other mooring fees likely to be?

Mooring fees in the Dalmatian islands vary depending on where you are moored.

Our skippers will try to find moorings to suit your budget. Typical mooring costs (July 2013) are:

  • 80 Euros per night for marina-style berth and facilities (this includes shore power, showers and toilets)
  • 40 to 50 Euros for mooring on a town quay in a popular place
  • 25 Euros to pick up a mooring buoy for the night.

Before you travel

What is my liability? Do I have to pay a security deposit?

As with hiring an apartment, you need to leave a credit card deposit at the base as security. This is 100% refundable provided no damage is done to our yacht.

You will be liable for costs for any:

  • damages, breakages and blockages to equipment on board
  • spillages that result in stains, and cigarette burns (Oceanica is non-smoking down below)
  • loss of equipment on board
  • loss of accessories.

Cleaning Oceanica at the end of the holiday is included in the charter price. However, if she is returned excessively untidy and requires a lot more cleaning than usual, there will be an extra charge.

Please note that breakages caused by normal wear and tear are not your responsibility and you won’t be charged.

Will someone show us how Oceanica’s systems work?

Once you have settled on board, your skipper will take you through all Oceanica’s systems and equipment and make sure you are completely comfortable with everything. Please feel free to ask as many questions as you want, and to ask again during your holiday!

What about food and drink on board?

On board Oceanica you are responsible for providing your own food and drink. We find that most of our clients have breakfast on board or at a quayside café. We normally stop in a bay for a picnic lunch. Dinner can be on board or in a restaurant, as you choose. However, Croatia has some of the best food in Europe and at reasonable prices. Your skipper can point you in the right direction each evening and organise bookings for you.

Can I get Oceanica provisioned before I arrive?

We can email you a shopping list for you to select the items you want to have ready when you arrive. We’ll buy them and stow them for you. Alternatively, or if you’ve forgotten to order something, it is only a short walk from the mooring to the local supermarket and deli.

Are bedding and towels provided?

Oceanica comes with sheets, duvets and pillows for all the beds. We also provide two boat towels per person. A change of linen is provided for two week trips but you may want to bring extra towels for sunbathing and swimming.