What’s the difference between sailing in Greece and Croatia

Croatia vs Greece

Both Greece and Croatia are stunning places to sail, so ultimately you can’t go far wrong with either. That said, there are a few subtle differences that may make one a more attractive option for you and your fellow crew. The most obvious difference is that Croatia is a lot more developed in terms of infrastructure. While the Ionian Islands have 2 modern marinas in Gouvia (Corfu) and Lefkas (Lefkas island) and the Saronic have 2 in Alimos and Lavron (both Athens), the Croatian coastline has more than a dozen. Within an hour transfer from the Split airport, there are 6, and it''s not just on the mainland where they’re more developed. Many of the more populated islands, such as Brac, Hvar, Solta and Korcula, have marinas or very modern harbours, with power on the quay, laid moorings, full-time harbour masters and excellent facilities ashore. This allows us to call ahead to book a spot and make use of the excellent onshore facilities. Many of our clients, for example, like to shower on shore at the end of a day sailing and swimming in the beautiful crystal blue water bays.

In comparison, Greece has an abundance of town quays, which offer mooring on a first come first served basis with the use of your own anchor. The harbours tend to be smaller, typically fishing harbours where the locals have constructed a concrete quay to open up boat tourism for the local shops and tavernas. The disadvantage is in general there are not the shore-based facilities, but the incredible ambience of a night in a traditional Greek taverna makes for a truly wonderful experience. Over the past few years a few of the local harbours have cottoned on to the popularity of electrical shore power systems for the yachts, and so they are starting to appear more regularly on some of the islands. All of our yachts have onboard generators, so even without shore power, we can run all of the electronic equipment on board, including air conditioning and the refrigerators.

In terms of the sailing itself, both Croatia and the Saronic Islands tend to have slightly more wind than the Ionian, making both destinations slightly better for those keen on some exciting sailing. A yacht charter in the Ionian is very much a relaxed week on board a luxury yacht, with daily swim stops in beautiful bays followed by a gentle sail towards your next port of call, in typical 8 - 12 knots of breeze. A stiff breeze of 16 - 20 knots is common in the afternoons in both the Dalmatian Coast and the Saronic Islands, making for some exciting sailing for those keen to get all the sails up. The beauty of Oceanica and all Jeanneau sailing yachts though, is that they can be sailed with a reduced sail area, meaning those not keen on the yacht leaning over too much can still enjoy a relaxing sail no matter the wind strength.

Overall, a luxury skippered charter in either Croatia or Greece guarantees the perfect week in a simply delightful Mediterranean sailing area. Crystal blue water bays are numerous in each area, as are charming village harbours and a warm welcome from the friendly locals, so the best advice I could offer is to visit each and let us know your favourite.

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